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24 January 2011

The Real ' Orang Utan' of Sarawak - Part Three (Final Chapter)

People said, every step starts with a very first step. Are they? What if you fly? is that considered as a first step? What if i can jump from initial point to the middle of my journey (maybe already over a thousand steps already)? can that really happen? 

Suddenly, i heard the interviewer say something to the second interviewer (Mdm. Ivy Wong). "This is the guy that we are looking for". And my heart beating faster than before. But i know i have to remain calm and conscious. Almost there i guess. :)  
Sixth Question: Are you married and have family? 
Replies: yes and i have 2 beautiful kids. (that's easy and pretty straight forward)

Seventh question: How much can we pay you? (oh no!)

I'd quiet for a while. Tried to think how much i worth. My mind tried to calculate accordingly based on my zero experience. All i know was i like animals and i am an outdoor kind of person. How much would that be? That was a hard decision, i guess. But i have to answer. And my answer was...

Replies: Sir, i think i would let you decide for me. In this field, you know better than me.

(*sigh* + *relieve* ) that was the moment when i felt i was making a big mistake. i should at least, have an experience before enter this nature kind of career. But, i have faith in God. :) I prayed for this interview. I prayed for this job. I have to change the way i live. The way my family live. I have to get this job!.
Eighth question (final): Any question you would like to ask before we ended this interview? (is it done?)

i was not asking them right away. i have to ask something that they would remember me for after this interview. Suddenly, one simple phrase of question and i myself believe, was the most unexpected, bizarre yet risky to ask, came across my mind. And that question changed my life forever. 


To be continued in Living The Dream - Conservationist Style


Anonymous said...

Did you get the job? Hehe

Mountain Dayak said...

Anonymous: yeah. i get the job of my life