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24 January 2011

The Real ' Orang Utan' of Sarawak - Part Two

"Have a seat young man" A promising smile expressed out from one of the best known living Conservationist i have ever met. Mr. Robert B. Stuebing. 

The first question: How are you? 
Replies: I'm good and ready when you are. 
That's a pretty confidence answer for the first question. 

Second question: Where are you from?
Replies: Betong. But now living temporarily in Bintulu.
I'm good, am I?
Third question: Where did you work before? (now that's a serious question). :)
Replies: I'm tapping a rubber for a while. (is that consider an experience too? i am sooo dead!)

Forth question: Can you work in the jungle and going outdoor?
Replies: Yes sir. And that is what i love to do. (easy and unexpected)
Suddenly.... The best part happened...
Fifth question: Do you like frog?
with overwhelming confidence without thinking of the consequences later...
Replies: Yessss, and i ate frog sir. (am i stupid or what?)
** i didn't know that the interviewer, Mr. Rob Stuebing was a herpetologist. Confident but stupid huh! 
No wonder he looked stunned with my answer. Anyway, who cares?
hehehehe. Then the real deal began...

To be continued in The Real ' Orang Utan' of Sarawak - Part Three

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