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25 January 2011

Living The Dream - Part 1 (23 days of uncivilization)

Sometimes there isn't much words to express your feeling toward something that you really want to achieve, finally you manage to get it in style. 

Living The Dream is a simple story, or yet called a brief journey of an eager and enthusiast young field researcher follows his dream to become one of the greatest Mammalogist in the history of Borneo world has ever known. :)
In early 2005, I joined my first fieldwork with United States National Museum personnel and experts studying the composition of volant and non-volant mammals  in disturbed area in Borneo (Bintulu, Sarawak). God knows how excited I was during that time. But, as a new person in this field (conservation) and with experts working around, can i managed to 'squeeze' in? what if i were a liability to them? what if i did something stupid and ruin this whole trip? I know this is a massive project and it was not just for the study but a long-term collaboration between my company and research partners. Now i'm really nervous.
It took us approximately 2 hours to reach field station and there was a lot of birds we managed to see during  that period of time. The combination of limestone forest and riparian forest is absolutely stunning with hundred thousands of swift flew around trying to catch countless insect wandering around near the caves. What an amazing experience!

To be continued in Living The Dream - Part 2 (Learned from The Best To Be The Best)


Anonymous said...

All i can say here is - WOW! You're damn GREAT, man! Ha! Ha! Keep up.

Mountain Dayak said...

Thanks bro. hahaha. more excitements to come

rose_colored_thoughts said...

wow i finally met a fellow biologist here at blogspot. :) nice to hear that some people are doing their own share for conserving animals. keep on writing.