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14 January 2009

The Chiropterans Survey in Two Caves in Bintulu Sarawak

Behind The Scenes (The Introduction)

The Long Journey…

Is always started with the first step…

And hopefully…
it will end with plenty of knowledge
and satisfaction.

The Survey – What We Did and Used?

Methods & Materials:
Mist Net, Harp Trap, Thick Hand Glove and a Torchlight!

Harp Trap (new invention for catching lots of bats)

Thick Glove is used if you want to catch it with hand. Be patient and keep your eyes open!

What We Caught?? – Some of the species…

Emballonura alecto

Hipposideros diadema

The Conservation Team

Posing with our little friends…

 Setting up harp trap… in the rain!

Some of the bats will be taken as voucher specimen for future reference and study

Conclusion - Part 1

And for sure… it is just started. The rest is up to us!
to be continued.... (The Challenge of Mother Nature)
see you all soon...


Rose Ragai said...

Nice posting...keep it up! I want you to keep me updated with your activities in Cons because i am sure that i will miss all of it when i am leaving.

Visit my blog too and you will find out where i am heading after this...:D

Penemuruai said...

Mansa dulu..ngetu enda lama di ruai ditu. Lelak amai ngetu di ruai urang..ruai aku bedau ga siap, suntuk tiang. Bisi tuak nuan diak?