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16 November 2008

The Remote Hunting-Camera (Overview)

We had utilized commercially available DeerCam© cameras, digital Cuddyback, digital 3.0 and digital 6.1 mega pixel leaf river and a 3.1 mega pixel digital Stealthcam. Each unit consists of a plastic casing, camera with built in flash, sensors with selectors and a viewing window. DeerCam© combines a fully automatic 35mm, Olympus trip camera. A heat-in-motion sensor operates on a horizontal plane, thus it is important that it is aimed parallel to the ground. This camera unit has been successfully employed in extreme condition during the previous survey.

Movement of a heat-radiating animal across the field of the sensor triggers a silent electronic switch that engages the camera to take a photograph. For obtaining clear photographs, 24 exposures of ASA 400 FUJI color print film will be used and a time and date will be recorded for each exposure. Deercam units have a delay selector mechanism that precludes the camera from taking a photograph for a set period of time (in our case 1 minute), which reduces wastage of film. All cameras will be operational 24 hours a day. All cameras will be marked by using GPS (Global Positioning System) and plotted in a map using GIS system. Camera will be checked in every 14 days after the setup, and will be removed two weeks later for film development.

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